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You can find a list of our Softub dealers here. You can also enter your city or postcode to find your nearest Softub dealer who will be delighted to answer any questions or give you a Softub quote.

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Use our Softub design tool to help you choose the right tub for you. You can select the model and then customise the colour and add accessories. The price will automatically update and you will have the option to place your Softub order online.

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Still not 100% convinced that Softub is right for you? Here you can request an opportunity to test a Softub spa within the comfort of your own home. This mobile spa will be ready for operation within an hour, all you need is a garden hose and a standard household outlet. We guarantee that you will enjoy hours of fun and relaxation in your very own home.

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Would you like to rent a Softub spa for a few weeks or several months? You can do that right here. Or you could also give your friends the gift of a Softub spa for a few months. A perfect present they will never forget!